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Campaign for the
Great Singapore Sale

The Challenge: 

MasterCard sponsors the Great Singapore Sale every year. Our challenge was to increase awareness and drive sales using MasterCard throughout the two month sale period of the Great Singapore Sale.


Creative Strategy: 

Using the newly developed branding for MasterCard we focused on a tactical campaign promoting a grand offer – a trip for two people. A strong call-to-action encouraged consumers to spend a nominated amount to be in the chance to win the grand prize, as well as other promotions.


Creating a Louis Vuitton style of photography, with muted hues and tones, we elevated the look and feel of the yearly campaign to have a more classical and sophisticated presence, to appeal to a more mature, affluent audience.


The campaign launched in major shopping malls around Singapore, key outdoor locations and high traffic areas around the Singapore CBD.

SGMAS00229 T1 Lightbox Potrait_3p.jpg
2012-06-11 15.42.39.jpg
Scott_Underpass Section A.png
SGMAS00250 Pillar Wrap_1 1.jpg
SGMAS00250 Pillar Wrap_1 3.jpg
SGMAS00250 Pillar Wrap_1 4.jpg
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