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Colgate, APAC

Brand Equity Site

The Challenge

Bring to life the essence of the Colgate equity website that creates a durable engagement with our consumer audience.


The Insight

From eating, drinking, talking and breathing, to even kissing, our mouth is the gateway to so much of our health and our happiness.


Creative Strategy

Consumers consider the internet as a middle ground for a credible source of oral care information, advice, and discussions.


Using a magazine-style web site as the single source of information on all things oral, we developed OH!


OH! Because it is the letters for Oral Health.

OH! Because it is a common expression of delight and surprise.

OH! Because it means ‘mouth’ in Chinese.


Aimed at giving tips and information on oral health and hygiene in a friendly, approachable and easy-to-understand format. Regularly updated with factual news and information, interesting articles, tips, cartoons and competitions for everyone of all ages and lifestyles to enjoy.


OH! online magazine supports Colgate’s brand essence of  ‘A healthy, beautiful mouth to live life better’

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