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SHL Medical Group

Global Rebranding

The Challenge:

To demonstrate SHL’s knowledge, experience and leadership in the industry beyond a “device manufacturer”, our focus was to transform the narrative and establish SHL as a solutions provider with comprehensive offerings for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.

The Insight:

Understanding the invisible daily struggle of patients’ lives beyond the disease- medication equation should be one of the main objectives for any healthcare company.

One of the recent trends in the healthcare industry is using connected technology; another one is patient-centricity. Combining them together means understanding patients’ problems and applying the latest technology to help them.

For SHL, that is, not to promote technology for technology’s sake, but to apply it to real problems, to improve real outcomes and to make real people happier.

Creative Strategy:

We designed, developed, and implemented a new global brand expression for SHL across all regions - Europe, US, Taiwan, and China - to strategically align branding with the company’s core values and business strategy – showing both SHL’s technological acuteness and insight into real patients’.

A fully integrated global branding that included: an interactive experience that uses augmented reality (AR) to show connected smart medical devices, a redesign of tradebooths with digital installation of interactive hypebox for events, launch of the redesigned corporate identity, emotionally engaging ‘patient-centric’ videos for conferences and social media, digital interactive sales tools for business directors and a complete suite of corporate stationery.

Tagline: Solutions for today on the Path to Tomorrow


Brand Guidelines

Basic rules of how the new identity should be applied were compiled in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, which include brand strategy, tone of voice, social media and digital applications, logo use, typography, colour usage, imagery and graphic devices. 

These guidelines are a valuable tool in ensuring global consistency and maintaining brand strength.

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Corporate Presentation ReDesign

InHouse and Client presentations.

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