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General Electric, China

Launch Healthymagination site

The Challenge:

To launch the GE Healthymagination site in China and create awareness of GE medical equipment being used in local hospitals.


The Insight:

The Chinese love to share their life online through digital/social media.


Creative Strategy:

With every word we create a picture of health.


Tapping into the Chinese psyche of sharing and contributing stories to the population at large, we invite people to share their stories of health by SMS, MSN, SNS and directly through banners and website in 90 characters or less.


Using data visualisation of text-to-video we upload these short stories into a series of colour videos. With a changing soundtrack, people can see the words from their stories animate into different GE products. Viewers can interact with the video when they mouse-over the text, pausing the video and displaying someone’s story in a pop-up box.


Using these text-to-videos through out-of-home, online advertising and media planning, we drive awareness of GE products and how they bring better health to more people, as well as providing useful information on healthy living through people’s stories.

Banner Ads

Expandable banners and page-take-over banners were developed where all the type on a page (e.g Health Portal) moved into the banner ad, forming an image and message to visit the GE site and spread their word on health in 60 characters or less.

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