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Acer Global Campaign


The Challenge:

Acer required an umbrella creative campaign framework that could be activated across all touch points for all products in all geographies. The Acer brand needed global consistency to foster a more premium image across all regions. The ideal campaign would be “created once, activated everywhere.”

The Insight:

Nobody walks into a store wanting to buy an Acer. It’s something they end up with, not something they seek out. We need to move people from merely buying an Acer to buying into Acer. We need a philosophy that people can buy into. We need people to know that, Acer is innovating what really matters for all of us.

Creative Strategy:

Since the beginning of time, asking questions has shaped the world and allowed mankind to evolve. At Acer, we believe in always asking questions. That inquisitiveness and dogged determination to find out What’s and Why’s leads us to smarter solutions and better products.

Let’s encourage people to ask more questions – because the more you ask, the more likely you are to end up with an Acer.

Social Media Teaser Videos

Acer Global Press Conference

The launch of the #keepasking campaign at the Global Press Conference in New York.

3 Acer_EyeAd.jpg
1 Acer_BallerinaAd.jpg
6 Acer_LandscapeAd.jpg
4 Acer_LandscapeAd.jpg

Retail Product Displays

#keepasking messaging used as wallpaper for instore displays

8 Acer_iPad_InstoreDisplay.jpg

Retail Display

Counter Tent Cards and Instore Banners


Digital Banners

Campaign Brand Guidelines

Basic rules of how the campaign should be applied were compiled in a comprehensive set of campaign brand guidelines, which include campaign voice, brand values, retail and digital applications, logo use, copy, typography, campaign brand colour, imagery, campaign visual asset usage.

These guidelines are a valuable tool in ensuring global consistency and campaign implementation.

KeepAsking Branding Guidelines_forEmpiri
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